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I am a photographer based in Williamsburg, Virginia, covering different areas in USA, and beyond, and I have more than 20 years of experience as an editorial photographer in international magazines (VOGUE, IO Donna Europe, Forbes) and news agencies (Getty). Rather than a wedding or lifestyle photographer, I consider myself a photographer fascinated by life stories and celebrations of love. My work in weddings and life stories is deeply influenced by my documentary and photojournalistic work, which has trained me to respond to any kind of unexpected situation, to find the sweet light quickly, command attention when necessary, and make myself invisible when not… 
Instead of following a predictable shot list, I am most interested in capturing the moments that feel true to the spirit of your story. Each of my weddings and marriages is different, as it is each couple, but you will always find an editorial style based on my career as a documentary photographer in international media and press. Having a detailed conversation before planning the session is key for me, and I like to invest time rethinking your preferences and imagining the best way to capture your love, and the emotions of this unique day. Working closely with you before our session will result in images that do not miss the most significant details of your own story. These photographs will help maintain the most neat, beautiful, and faithful memory over time. I truly hope that my words, and my images, inspire your decision to work together and make long-lasting memories. 
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